Qualifica (ricerca)
Ricercatori Universitari
Area Ministeriale
AREA MIN. 14 - Scienze politiche e sociali
Macro-settore concorsuale
Settore SSD
Settore SPS/08 - Sociologia dei Processi Culturali e Comunicativi
Short CV

1989: Degree in Political Sciences at Trieste University. 1995: Ph.D in Sociology at Parma University. 1998-1999: Fellowship at the "Istituto Giovanni Paolo II di Studi su Matrimonio e Famiglia" of the Lateran University in Rome. 1999-2005: Untenure professor of Sociology at the Faculties of Educations and Medicine of Trieste University. Topics specifically taught: Sociological Theory, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Family, Sociology of Organizations, Sociology of Environment. From November 2006, Lecturer of Sociology of Culture and Communication (SPS/08) at the Faculty of Educations of Trieste University and member of the Department of Human Sciences. Presently I am teaching Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Family and History of Sociological Thought and working on researches about topics such as Body as a Mean of Social and Individual Communication, Families and Step-Families in North-Eastern Italy, the Problem of Young Adults in the area of Trieste, the History of Sociological Thought. 2010-2012: Staff member of the Italian Partnership within the Research Project Fundamental Rights and Citizenship funded by the European Commission: "Children`s Voices: Exploring Interethnic Violence and Children`s Rights in the School Environment". 2015: Official participation at ESA Prague 2015; invitation to produce an oral presentation at the Italian National Congress Sorrento 2015 of The Italian Association for palliative care; member of the research group FRA project 2015: Sacred places from cultural heritage to religious tourism. 2016: Official participation at ISA Forum Vienna 2016. 2016-2018: member of the research group FRA project 2016: Cultural immaterial heritage and cultural welfare: the role of heritage communities.

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