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Ricercatori Universitari
Area Ministeriale
AREA MIN. 06 - Scienze mediche
Macro-settore concorsuale
Settore SSD
Settore MED/26 - Neurologia
Short CV

Curriculum vitae dr.ssa Rita Moretti Rita Moretti, MD was born in Trieste, 2nd October 1971. She obtained her master degree, maxima cum laude, in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Trieste. In December 2000, she specialized in Neurological Sciences, at the Clinical Neurology of the University of Trieste, maxima cum laude. From 2004 she works as a Head Researcher and Clinical Neurologist at the Clinical Neurology of the University of Trieste. From 2010 she is the Head Researcher and Responsible of the Complex Neural Problems in Internal Medicine of the University of Trieste at the Medicina Clinica Section of Cattinara Hospital-Trieste; up to 7th January 2014, she works in Neurology, as University Neurologist and Chief Research of Complex Neurological Problems in internal Medicine Section. She teaches Clinical Neuropathology at the International Master Degree in Neuroscience, University of Trieste and Clinical Neurological Pathologies At Byotechnology Degree, University of Trieste., Neurology at Medicine Faculty and in Odontostomatology Degree, In many different specialist Schools. Her principal interests are neurodegenerative diseases and clinical neuro-pharmacology; her research concerns in particular subcortical vascular dementia, corticobasal degeneration and functional neuroimaging. She has written more than 400 publications, considering monographies, reviews, and original articles published in international peer reviewed journals.

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