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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext accessRepository
12002A multigrid method of the second kind for solving linear systems of ODEs discretized by continuous Runge-Kutta methods.MASET, STEFANO ArTS (UniTS)
22013A numerical approach for investigating the stability of equilibria for structured population modelsD. Breda; O. Diekmann; MASET, STEFANO ; R. VermiglioArTS (UniTS)
32016An abstract framework in the numerical solution of boundary value problems for neutral functional differential equationsMaset, Stefano Closed AccessArTS (UniTS)
42009An adaptive algorithm for efficient computation of level curves of surfacesBreda D.; MASET, STEFANO ; Vermiglio R.ArTS (UniTS)
51993An asymptotic theorem for substitution-resistant authentication codesMASET, STEFANO ; SGARRO, ANDREA ArTS (UniTS)
62009Analysis of Numerical Integration for Time Delay SystemsBELLEN, ALFREDO ; MASET, STEFANO ArTS (UniTS)
81999Asymptotic stability in the numerical solution of linear pure delay differential equations as abstract Cauchy problems. J. Comput. Appl. Math. 111 (1999), no. 1-2, 163--172. 65L20 (34A45 34K05)MASET, STEFANO ArTS (UniTS)
92009Attraction between like-charged surfaces induced byorientational ordering of divalent rigid rod-likecounterions: theory and simulationsMASET, STEFANO ; RESCIC J; BOHINC K.ArTS (UniTS)
102008Attraction between negatively charged surfaces mediated by spherical counterions with quadrupolar charge distributionUrbanija J.; Bohinc K.; BELLEN, ALFREDO ; MASET, STEFANO ; Iglič A.; Kralj Iglič V.; P. B. Sunil KumarArTS (UniTS)
112008Bridging like-charged macroions through longdivalent rod-like ionsMAY S; IGLIC A; RESCIC J; MASET, STEFANO ; BOHINC K.ArTS (UniTS)
122010Computation of asymptotic stability for a class of partial differential equations with delay.BREDA D.; MASET, STEFANO ; VERMIGLIO R.ArTS (UniTS)
132004Computing the characteristic roots for delay differential equationsD. BREDA; MASET, STEFANO ; R. VERMIGLIOArTS (UniTS)
142012Computing the eigenvalues of Gurtin–MacCamy models with diffusionBreda D.; MASET, STEFANO ; Vermiglio R.ArTS (UniTS)
152018Conditioning and relative error propagation in linear autonomous ordinary differential equationsStefano Maset Closed AccessArTS (UniTS)
162001Contractive initializing methods for the pantograph equation of neutral typeBELLEN A; MASET, STEFANO ; TORELLI, LUCIO ArTS (UniTS)
172011Debye–Hückel theory for mixtures of rigid rodlike ions and saltBohinc K.; Reščič J.; MASET, STEFANO ; May S.ArTS (UniTS)
182012Discretization of solution operators for linear time invariant - time delay systems in Hilbert spacesBreda D.; MASET, STEFANO ; Vermiglio R.ArTS (UniTS)
192005Efficient computation of stability charts for linear time delay systemsD. Breda; MASET, STEFANO ; Vermiglio R.ArTS (UniTS)
202014Good behaviour with respect to the stiffness in the numerical integration of retarded functional differential equationsMASET, STEFANO ; ZENNARO, MARINO Closed AccessArTS (UniTS)