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AREA MIN. 06 - Scienze mediche
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Settore SSD
Settore MED/36 - Diagnostica per Immagini e Radioterapia
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Born in Genoa, Italy, June 14th, 1964. Graduate in Medicine in 1991 at the University of Genoa Qualified in Diagnostic Radiology in 1995 at the University of Genoa. Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Trieste, since November 1997 Chief of ultrasound, Dept. of Radiology since March 3 2010 Teaching responsibilities: -Course of Degree in Medicine and Surgery; -Course of Degree in Biotechnology; -Course of Degree of Radiology and Radiotherapy Technician; -Course of Degree in dental hygiene; -Radiology and other Residents' Schools Membership: -RSNA, ARRS, ESR, AIUM, SIRM, SIUMB, EFSUMB -ESUR fellow - European society of Urogenital Radiology -Member of the steering committee for the writing of the “EFSUMB clinical Practice Recommendations and Future Perspectives for the use of CEUS, chairman of the kidney and vesicoureral reflux session. -President of the SIUMB session of urological and andrological ultrasound Editorial activity: -Member of the Scientific Editorial Board of "La Radiologia Medica" - Official Journal of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology , and of "Journal of Ultrasound" - Official Journal of the Italian Society of Ultrasonology In Medicine and Biology. Reviewer of several international journals Scientific activity: Currently the scientific activity is especially on extrahepatic applications of microbubble contrast agents, and on genitourinary imaging. It is documented by 179 full papers (114 articles, 92 in English, 21 publications on proceeding of congresses, 41 book chapters, and 2 books). Invited speaker to 211 National and International meetings. Scientific presenter in many national and international radiological meetings.

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