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Qualifica (ricerca)
Ricercatori Universitari
Area Ministeriale
AREA MIN. 04 - Scienze della terra
Macro-settore concorsuale
Settore SSD
Settore GEO/02 - Geologia Stratigrafica e Sedimentologica

Born in 1956. Degree in Geological Sciences at the University of Trieste, in 1981. PhD in Environmental Marine Science at the University of Genoa in 1987. Since 1988 is involved in research on Antarctica, first on distribution of surface sediments, then on paleoenvironmental significance of late Quaternary shelf sediments. Has taken part in 5 scientific expeditions in the Ross Sea. During 1989-90, 1997-98; 2001-02 cruises was chief scientist of the Marine Geology group. Jointly responsible for the BAY Project (PNRA 2004/4.10) for the period 2004-05. Author of more then 30 scientific publications.

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