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AREA MIN. 03 - Scienze chimiche
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Settore CHIM/03 - Chimica Generale e Inorganica
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Born in Portogruaro (VE) 1-11-1963. 1988 Degree in Chemistry (Trieste). 1992 PhD in Chemical Sciences (Ferrara/Venice/Trieste). 1992-1993 Synchrotron Trieste ScpA grant, stages University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Prof. H. Burzlaf, synchrotron DESY-Hamburg, Orsay-Paris and ESRF-Grenoble. 1994-1996 Assistant Professor in General and Inorganic Chemistry (Ancona). 1996-2002 Assistant Professor in General and Inorganic Chemistry (Trieste). 1998 Academic Visitor University of Oxford (England) Lab. Molecular Biophysics, Dep. Biochemistry, Prof. Dame Louise Johnson. 2002- Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry (Trieste). 2011 Member of the Commission responsible for drafting the new UniTS Statute. 2012-2018 Director of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2012-2018 Member of the Academic Senate of UniTS. 2012-2020 Member of the Administrative Council of the University College for Sciences “L. Fonda”. 2013 e 2019 National Scientific Qualification as Full professor C.C. 03/B1. 2013- Member of the International Steering committee “Chemistry towards Biology”. 2018- Editorial Board Member of “Molecules”. 2018- Member of Proposal Review Panels of Elettra synchrotron. 2019- Board Member of the Interuniversity Research Consortium in Chemistry of Metals in Biological Systems. He coordinates the Centre of Excellence in Biocrystallography, he is member of the Doctoral School in Chemistry and he teaches General and Inorganic Chemistry; Structural Chemistry with Synchrotron Light; Diffraction techniques; Metals in Medicine. Responsible of UniTS unit of a PRIN2017 project he was involved in various research projects. He was supervisor of 6 PhD thesis and 12 post-doc. Co-author of more 200 works published in refereed international journals (H-index = 40). He has extensive experience in crystallography and his research is focused on structural studies on supramolecular and protein systems using synchrotron radiation.

arenes; Prof. C. Gaeta and P. Neri of the University of Salerno for the characterization of new host macrocyclic systems such as prismarenes; Prof. P. Marcos of the University of Lisbon for studies on dihomooxacalixarens; Prof. R. Purrello of the University of Catania for the study of calixarene / porphyrin systems; Prof. P.B. Crowley of the National University of Ireland in Galway for the study of protein-calixarene interactions; Prof. S. Key of the Polytechnic of Lausanne for supramolecular coordination systems that form macro-cages; Prof. M. Bonchio of the University of Padua for the development of metal-based catalysts for water splitting and as antioxidants; Dr. V. De Re and Dr. G. Toffoli of the Aviano Oncology Reference Center for the development of HCV vaccines and for the study of the interactions between irinotecan and HLA-G. In the past, the main and most important international collaborations were carried out with prof. D.N. Reinhoudt, Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry and Technology, Mesa + Research Institute of University of Twente NL, for the structure determination of nanocapsules based on ionic interactions for storage and transport of small molecules; with prof. W. F. DeGrado, Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania U.S.A., for structural studies on de-novo design artificial metalloproteins containing the "four-helix bundle" motif; with Prof. L. N. Johnson, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, University of Oxford, for biocrystallographic studies on phosphorylase enzymes.

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