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AREA MIN. 05 - Scienze biologiche
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Settore SSD
Settore BIO/16 - Anatomia Umana

Dr Cristina Ponti earned her degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Tecnologies from the University of Bologna in 1998, and afterwards won the PhD grant in Human and Molecular Morphological Sciences (A.A. 1999/2000) in the same University. From January 2000 until December 2003 she worked as a PhD student in the Department oh Human Anatomical Sciences and Physiopathology of the Locomoting Apparatus of the University of Bologna, focusing on the biology of Natural Killer (NK) cells. During A.A. 2002/03-2003/04 she also taught Anatomy of the Locomoting Apparatus within the course of Human Anatomy applied to Physical Education and Sport in the Faculty of Motor Sciences of the University of Cassino. In October 2003 she won the competition for the position of researcher in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Trieste – Disciplinary section BIO/16-Human Anatomy, published on the Gazette n. 99 of 17/12/2002, and since October 2004 she has been working as a researcher at the University Department of Life Sciences. During her PhD course, the scientific activity focused on a series of experimental studies on different research fields related to the study of apoptosis on cellular and viral models, and the regulation of NK cells, especially in relation to their cytokine-based tuning of proliferation and survival. Therefore, in this period Dr Ponti mainly worked on the mechanisms of NK cells activation and also the regulation of Activation Induced Cell Apoptosis (AICD) in the same model. During her activity as a researcher at the University of Trieste, her scientific activity mainly focused on the study of the effect of TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) on lymphocytic and viral models, on the analysis of the mechanism of apoptosis during haemopoietic differentiation, and also on the study of the role of nitric oxide (NO) during osteoclastic differentiation. At the moment, Dr Ponti is continuing her research activity on the HIV pathogenesis, the topic aniinflammatory effect of plant extracts and palitoxins toxicity. She is a member of Italian Society of Anatomy. She has authored 25 full papers mostly in Medline based journals.